Startup Accounting Services for £24.99 per month

We have created our Startup Accountancy package to suit the needs, and budgets, of new businesses. It is structured around three key areas. These are bookkeeping, dealing with HMRC and ongoing support.


Keeping accurate financial records is a legal requirement for any business. Having up to date books will also allow you to manage your cash flow more effectively and keep track of how much money you are making.

New businesses can save themselves a lot of time and money by doing their own bookkeeping. Especially in the early days when you may not be doing a lot of transactions, it does not make much sense to pay a bookkeeper or accountant to do the work for you. Our Startup Accounting Package includes a subscription to state of the art cloud based bookkeeping software which has been specifically designed for the needs of small UK businesses.

Dealing with HMRC

When you sign up for Startup Accountancy you will be asked to complete a form known as a 64-8. This will appoint us as your agent with HMRC. This means that they will get a copy of any letters HMRC send to you about your business and they will have the authority to speak to HMRC on your behalf. So if there are any problems with our business taxes we will be able to speak directly to HMRC for you. 

Our Startup Accountancy package also gives you access to our Payroll platform which is fully compliant with HMRC’s RTI requirements. If you decide to pay yourself through PAYE then you will have the ability to take advantage of your £10,600 tax free allowance and to keep up to date with National Insurance contributions.

Ongoing Support

As well as an annual consultation with Pinnacle Accountancy you will get access to ongoing support through our online ticketing systems. This gives you the ability to ask us any questions you have about bookkeeping, tax or expenses.

One of the things that can be most difficult to get to grips with as a new business is all of the different forms and returns that need to be made during the year. A typical business will have to do Annual Accounts for Companies House and HMRC plus annual returns for Companies House. The directors will also have to do self assessment returns and there will be additional returns to do if you are VAT or PAYE registered.

Pinnacle Accountancy can help you to keep up to date with all of these requirements. They will file your annual return for you at Companies House (normally charged at £50) and can help you get to understand the other requirements and when they are due.



Our Startup Accounts package is £24.99 per month (+ VAT) and includes:

This includes:

  • Sage software worth £10 per month
  • Payroll platform worth £6.95 per month
  • Annual Return worth £50 per year
  • Your 1st month for free!

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