Expert Accountants in Essex - Why Choose Us?

We provide the best of modern and traditional accounting and are established accountants in Essex. We use state of the art software to speed up bookkeeping and accounts preparation but we are also available on the phone, by email or for face to face meetings.


Cloud based software

When you signup for one of our accounts packages we will give you access to the latest cloud based bookkeeping and accountancy software. With no software to install or update your accounts will be available from any computer with an internet connection and will be automatically backed.

With your software you will be able to:

  • Raise invoices on your own company branded template and email them direct to clients.
  • Easily keep track of expenses and see instant reports on cashflow and profits
  • Run reports to see who you need to pay and who owes you money
  • Calculate VAT returns online
  • Share accounts information with our accountant to speed up processing of returns.

Request a Free Trial

The software we provide is specifically designed for new businesses and is easy to use. It comes with a 24/7 support line and we can provide additional training if you need it.


Easy to contact

As well as calling us on our local rate or free-phone number you will be able to use our online support systems. This means that you can send us questions at any hour of the day and they will automatically be allocated against your online account. This enables us to quickly provide the right answers for your business. You will also be able to track back through any previous responses to find documents or answers more easily. This gives both you, and us, an auditable trail for any communications about your accounts.


Face to Face Meetings

As established accountants in Essex, we appreciate that lots of people want to be able to see their accountant face to face. We are happy to setup meetings for our customers in Essex to either visit our office, or we can come and visit you. Just give us a call and we can setup a meeting.


Sensible Pricing

We primarily work with new startup businesses and contractors. We know that cash is often tight for new businesses so we keep our prices as low as possible. For most services we are able to offer a fixed fee service. So rather than paying a chartered accountant by the hour we will agree a price for your work up front. We can even spread the cost of your accountancy work over a year rather you getting one big bill at the same time as your tax payments to HMRC are due. 

Enquire Now

Give us a call: 08458 802 557 / 01245 499 275